Join Us: Membership Options

Voting Members

By invitation, the Voting Membership tier will include representatives from all industries and sectors who will regularly vote to determine which metrics and methodologies become an industry success standard. Additionally, all voting members will have access to all partner training materials.

Invitations will be sent to executives, senior management, NGO and not-for-profit leaders, activists, government officials, and more. Specific criteria for voting membership is being defined. 

These individuals will be voting on metrics and methodologies/approaches specific to their specialization areas. Each ballot will be customized to include issues specific to their area of expertise and will ensure that proper representation metrics will be met. We will be determining criteria for industry acceptance and adoption. 


Groups included for membership and voting

Investors & Bankers

Executives & senior managers (all industries)


Government and NGOs 

Accelerators & Incubators  

Education & Academia

Implementation Partners  

Social Justice Activists  

General Membership

Enterprises, consulting firms, and individuals from all industries and sectors can be a member. 

Members will have free access to:  

  • Methodology books, guidelines, research guides and outlines in the online library 
  • Products (Salesforce apps, third-party integrations) at a reduced rate 
  • Annual reports, self-defined reports through direct access to research to narrow and focus scope/research
  • Experts to help with implementing the methodology  

Partner Membership: Corporations & Academia

Enterprises, consulting firms, academic and research institutions, and individuals can be a partner-level member. Large and small service organizations and individuals are also able to become a partner (program details and costs coming soon).  

As we investigate new approaches to view our data, everyone is an academic researcher forging a new path. 

Businesses benefit from the rigor of academic research | Academics benefit from the speed that business requires  

Partners will be required to complete the following activities annually:

  • Introduction training for all new participants
  • Annual training updates for all organization employees who implement these metrics  
  • Annual fee for access to reports and materials  

Partner members can access: 

  • Training programs that support partners implementing the methodologies, metrics and products with clients  
  • Instruct them on how to use the methodologies and tools better 
  • Ongoing training offered for various levels  

What does it mean to work with a Membership Experts rather than a Partner Member?

Membership Experts

Requires membership to access this resource  

Provide feedback and advice on strategies, implementation plans, tool choices, presentations and reporting.

Partner Members

Access to partners does not require membership  

Partners work with clients to define the strategy, select tools, create an implementation plan, and present and report results.

Contact us to get involved. 

We'll share ways to help you change how you measure success in your organization.