The Gearmark Foundation is an open source standards-defining organization where we invite members to determine which metrics will allow organizations to better understand the impact of their relationships with stakeholders as compared to revenue.  

These metrics will address various levels of the organization from the organization itself to teams to individuals.  

Once we identify a core membership of companies, we will regularly vote on methodologies and approaches that can be implemented in any software, by using any tools, or levearging other mediums.  

Opportunities with Gearmark Founddation

The Gearmark Foundation is currently interviewing prospective board and founding members. These members can include companies or individuals who want to define standards for relationship metrics across industries and show how they impact revenue and further define organizational success. 

Founders & Advisors

Mary Brodie

Mary Brodie, Founding Member

Mary Brodie is an experience strategist and founder of Gearmark. She has been helping companies create memorable customer experiences, online and offline, for more than 20 years. From apps to content strategy to lead gen programs, Mary has helped companies achieve results that contribute to the bottom-line. Mary attended MIT, graduated from Simmons University with a BA and MA, and graduated from IE University in Madrid with an executive master’s in corporate communication. She lives in Dallas, Texas. Learn more at her website.

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